Saturday, October 6, 2007

Why this Blog?

Over the last few years I have kept track of Legio Draconis, the Middle Kingdom site primarily about fighting and all manner of related things. In the wake of the Dukes' Sword Symposium I think it is important that we keep the momentum going, and that combatants, as a community work together to encourage, support and further the skills of one another.

People keep saying that you don't get better unless you train, and that in order to really improve you need good training. New ideas, old ideas put a different way, whatever it takes. The oldest, most ornery fighter can learn from the rawest new fighter. Together we can challenge, push and build a community that should see our combatants step up in skills, equipment standards, and most importantly, the chivalry, courtesy and honour that makes our pastime more than just a sport.

Feel free to comment on your training sessions or methods, armoring, pagaentry, consorts, events or anything else that makes our game better for all.

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