Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stormhold War Training revived

Well - the last 2 months have seen the return of War Training to Stormhold (located at John Gardiner Reserve within Stormhold but designed for fighters from all across the Suth).

Well done to Rauf for taking it on & promoting it.

The first session - 4th Sunday in May - started slowly with 6 people attending (3 armoured combatants (Heavies), 1 armoured plumed combatant, 1 unarmoured archer & myself (unarmoured marshal (slightly injured from hockey game earlier that morning)).

Despite the small numbers - the archers worked through some fire & movement exercises designed to promote battlefield awareness in combat archers.

The heavies did some warm up work and then discussion of skirmishing units (1 heavy & 1 archer) working together. Then they took to the field, practicing "turning" enemy combatants to be killed by your archer (with the unarmoured archer firing into the combat from the outside (working with the other archer).

The second session - 4th Sunday in June - commenced with a much better turnout of combatants (6 heavy, 3 combat archers & 5 un-armoured archers) including combatants from all areas of the Suth (I believe).

The heavy fighters did some training in working in small units - 2 shields & 1 pole. Rotating through each role - a combination of theory, practice & after combat discussion (overseen by Rauf & myself).

Meanwhile, the large number of archers were being trained in working together (movement, coordinated firing, etc) by Ute.

Then the combatants were brought together into 2 units - with the unarmoured archers safely to the side, firing into the combat against all (and making a tough additional battlefield element for the combatants to be aware of).

The momentum is rolling now & I urge all those who can to attend a 4th Sunday War Training soon.

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