Saturday, October 27, 2007

Memorial to Tyr, Romsey (Stormhold) Tournament

What I can remember is:
Date: 15 October 2007
Herald: Gilligan of St Barts
Marshal: Hanbal Reis al Barbary
Lists: Hanbal / Michelle Mearns

Douglas Fitzwilliam (1st)
Rodrigo of Abbotsford (2nd)
Ute von Tangermunde (3rd)

Format: Double round robin - each round best of 3.

Douglas v Ute (3/0)
Douglas v Rodrigo (2/0) with a double kill in the 3rd bout that was not refought (both tired).
Rodrigo v Ute (2/1)

Douglas v Ute (3/0)
Douglas v Rodrigo (2/1 - i think - may need to check with these fighters - either this or 3/0)
Rodrigo v Ute (2/1)


Hanbal Reis al Barbary
Stormhold Knight Marshal

"Carpe Praedum"

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tourney format: Shuffle up tourney

This is a tourney based on a finals system used by several sporting organisations, including the AFL back when it was the VFL and had a final 5.

Based on a ranking system, such as the hit-list, fighters are assigned a position, with the worst fighter being placed first and the best fighter being placed last.

First round:

1 v. 2 , 3 v. 4, 5 v. 6 etc.

If a lower placed fighter defeats a lower placed fighter their postions are swapped, otherwise there is no change. So if 2 defeats 1 then 2 becomes the top placed fighter and 1 becomes the second placed fighter.

Second round:

With their new positions in mind the second round would be:

1: bye, 2 v. 3, 4 v. 5, 6 v. 7 etc.

As with the first round, if a lower placed fighter defeats a lower placed fighter their postions are swapped, otherwise there is no change.

Third round:

As for first round, but with new positions in mind.

Rounds alternate between the first and second structures until the number of rounds fought equals at least the number of fighters present minus one. This allows the top rankedbest fighter enough time to work his way up from the bottom. If there are an odd number of fighters the structure for Round 2 should be used first to avoid a bye for the best fighter in the first round.

I think this format throws up a few interesting possibilities, and by being a handicapped system allows the lesser fighters a realistic chance at holding a strong position in a tournament while giving the better fighters a chance to display their prowess by advancing through a field against great odds. It is also makes things easy to keep track of for spectators because whoever is winning will be fighting first etc.

I was thinnking of putting this format forward as a possibility for monthly bash. Any questions or comments?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I know what I would like to do this summer

Daylight saving is encroaching, and soon the evenings will be long, warm and full of photonic goodnessinity.

So... what to do with this iluminative bounty? I am contemplating something. It's not a definite, just an inkling at the moment.

I have a back yard. I have lights. I have armor. I have most of a workshop.

I have many bits of in-progress bits of armor that need fixing up so I can make them available as loaner gear. I have a real need to integrate the new Bellatrix and Brannos stuff. I am thinking of having a workshop/training night one night a week over the summer. I'm happy to procure the bits necessary for the manufacture of gorgets, demi-gauntlets, elbows and knees especially. After that, making your own body armor is easy, and if you buy a helm you are kitted out. You pay me the materials and consumables' price, and get yourself kit. Then, I would like to do some formal training to assist with neuro-muscular facilitation.

What night would suit best out of Tuesday - Thursday for peoples?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lists Report for Stormhold Monthly Bash, October 2007

Event: Stormhold Monthly Bash October 2007
Date: 1/10/2007
Site: John Gardiner Reserve, Auburn Rd, Auburn, Victoria

Marshal in Charge: Hanbal al Barbary
Marshals: Everard Sefar, Gwynfor Lwyd, Hanbal al Barbary
Heralds: Various
Lists: Gwynfor Lwyd

Number of combatants: 9

Double Elimination, best of 3

Round 1:
Gwynfor Lwyd defeated Bertram of St Monica 3-0
Douglas Fitzwilliam defeated Sir Wolfram von Flammenhertz 2-0 with 1 draw
Tobias the Troubador defeated Ute von Tangemunde 3-0
Sir Hugh the Little defeated Cormac Lenihan 2-1 with 2 draws
Eoghann McAndreis had the bye

Round 2:
Sir Wolfram von Flammenhertz defeated Gwynfor Lwyd 2-1
Douglas Fitzwilliam defeated Ute von Tangemunde 2-0
Eoghann McAndreis defeated Cormac Lenihan 2-1
Sir Hugh the Little defeated Bertram of St Monica 2-0
Tobias had the bye

Eliminations after 2 rounds - Cormac, Ute & Bertram

Round 3:
Douglas Fitzwilliam defeated Eoghann McAndreis 2-1 with 1 draw
Sir Hugh the Little defeated Gwynfor Lwyd 2-0
Sir Wolfram von Flammenhertz defeated Tobias the Troubador 2-0

Eliminations after 3 rounds - Gwynfor & Tobias

Round 4
Douglas Fitzwilliam defeated Sir Hugh the Little 2-1
Eoghann McAndreis defeated Sir Wolfram von Flammenhurtz 2-0
Eliminated after 4 rounds - Sir Wolfram

Round 5
Sir Hugh the Little defeated Eoghann McAndreis 2-0
Douglas had the bye

Sir Hugh the Little defeated Douglas Fitzalan 2-0

1 Sir Hugh 5/6 rounds - won 11, lost 3, drawn 2 bouts
2 Douglas Fitzwilliam 4/5 rounds - won 8, lost 4, drawn 2 bouts
3 Eoghann McAndreis 3/4 rounds - won 5, lost 6, drawn 1 bouts
4 Wolfram 2/4 rounds - won 5, lost 4, drawn 1 bouts
5 Tobias 1/3 rounds - won 3, lost 2 bouts
5 Gwynfor 1/3 rounds - won 4, lost 4 bouts
7 Cormac 0/2 rounds - won 2, lost 4, drawn 2 bouts
7 Ute 0/2 rounds - won 0, lost 5 bouts
7 Bertram 0/2 rounds - won 0, lost 5 bouts

Yours in Service

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Krae Glas/St Monica Training Report - Oct 5th 2007

5th October, 2007

In armor: Gwynfor Lwyd (Sword + small Heater, 2 handed sword), Cormac Lenihan (sword and large heater), Yves de Lyle (sword and bunny round), Robin of St Monica (2 handed sword, sword and small heater)

Krae Glas/St Monica Training

Friday nights 8pm until late

Monash Multi-storey car park, south eastern corner (aka Castle Greyskull)

Heavy, Rapier and Archery training in under cover (but exposed to winds) location. Pell available, and new comers can generally be armored up if advance notice is given to Gwynfor.

Enter the Monash University carpark from Wellington Rd
Turn right at the first roundabout
Drive straight ahead and into the ground level of the multi-storey carpark

Contact gwynfor (at) gwynfor (dot) org for details

Marshals: Bertram of St Monica, Cormac Lenihan, Nicolette Dufay
Senior Marshals: Everard Sefar, Piers of Malmesbury, Gwynfor Lwyd

Why this Blog?

Over the last few years I have kept track of Legio Draconis, the Middle Kingdom site primarily about fighting and all manner of related things. In the wake of the Dukes' Sword Symposium I think it is important that we keep the momentum going, and that combatants, as a community work together to encourage, support and further the skills of one another.

People keep saying that you don't get better unless you train, and that in order to really improve you need good training. New ideas, old ideas put a different way, whatever it takes. The oldest, most ornery fighter can learn from the rawest new fighter. Together we can challenge, push and build a community that should see our combatants step up in skills, equipment standards, and most importantly, the chivalry, courtesy and honour that makes our pastime more than just a sport.

Feel free to comment on your training sessions or methods, armoring, pagaentry, consorts, events or anything else that makes our game better for all.