Thursday, October 11, 2007

I know what I would like to do this summer

Daylight saving is encroaching, and soon the evenings will be long, warm and full of photonic goodnessinity.

So... what to do with this iluminative bounty? I am contemplating something. It's not a definite, just an inkling at the moment.

I have a back yard. I have lights. I have armor. I have most of a workshop.

I have many bits of in-progress bits of armor that need fixing up so I can make them available as loaner gear. I have a real need to integrate the new Bellatrix and Brannos stuff. I am thinking of having a workshop/training night one night a week over the summer. I'm happy to procure the bits necessary for the manufacture of gorgets, demi-gauntlets, elbows and knees especially. After that, making your own body armor is easy, and if you buy a helm you are kitted out. You pay me the materials and consumables' price, and get yourself kit. Then, I would like to do some formal training to assist with neuro-muscular facilitation.

What night would suit best out of Tuesday - Thursday for peoples?

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