Saturday, October 27, 2007

Memorial to Tyr, Romsey (Stormhold) Tournament

What I can remember is:
Date: 15 October 2007
Herald: Gilligan of St Barts
Marshal: Hanbal Reis al Barbary
Lists: Hanbal / Michelle Mearns

Douglas Fitzwilliam (1st)
Rodrigo of Abbotsford (2nd)
Ute von Tangermunde (3rd)

Format: Double round robin - each round best of 3.

Douglas v Ute (3/0)
Douglas v Rodrigo (2/0) with a double kill in the 3rd bout that was not refought (both tired).
Rodrigo v Ute (2/1)

Douglas v Ute (3/0)
Douglas v Rodrigo (2/1 - i think - may need to check with these fighters - either this or 3/0)
Rodrigo v Ute (2/1)


Hanbal Reis al Barbary
Stormhold Knight Marshal

"Carpe Praedum"

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