Saturday, December 29, 2007

MMFAT Tournaments

These tournaments were faught for showing off how fun it was, not for winning. All combatants where asked to "ham it up" and take blows that sounded good as well as the good ones. It was a crowd pleaser. At the end Bertrum, Leif and both days Robin allowed the kids to have a "controlled hit". Thank you all for this very much.

Saturday, November 24th Tournament


  1. Everard Sefar (4 wins)
  2. Cormac Lenihan (3 wins, 1 loss)
  3. Gwynfor Lwyd (2 wins, 2 losses)
  4. Bertrum of St Monica (1 win, 3 losses)
  5. Leif Magnasonn (4 losses)
  1. Gwynfor bye, Cormac def Leif, Everard def Bertrum
  2. Leif bye, Everard def Gwynfor, Cormac def Bertrum
  3. Everard bye, Bertrum def Leif, Cormac def Gwynfor
  4. Bertrum bye, Everard def Cormac, Gwynfor def Leif
  5. Cormac bye, Gwynfor def Bertrum, Everard def Leif
  • Grand Melee won by Everard.
  • Teams of 3 - Team A: Gwynfor (last man standing) Robin and Conrad def Team B: Leif, Everard and Tobias
  • Three Teams of Two - Old Bastards (Gwynfor and Everard) def both Krae Glas Troops (Cormac and Leif) and St Monica's Finest (Robin and Bertrum). Krae Glas Troops also def St Monica;s Finest
  • Challenges where then set - Gwynfor Def Everard, Gwynfor def Robin, Everard def Robin and Bertrum, Cormac def Leif, Gwynfor and Everard killed each other, Bertrum def Robin and Cormac, Bertrum def Robin, Everard and Cormac killed each other, Gwynfor def Everard and Cormac
Sunday, November 25th Tournament

  • Grand Melee won by Gwynfor
  • Teams of 2 - Gwynfor and Bertrum def Leif and Cormac
  • Round Robin Rounds
  1. Gwynfor def Leif, Cormac def Bertrum
  2. Gwynfor def Bertrum, Cormac def Leif
  3. Gwynfor def Cormac, Leif def Bertrum
  1. Gwynfor 5
  2. Cormac 2
  3. Bertrum and Leif each 1

Round Robin format was fought
  1. Gwynfor 3 wins
  2. Cormac 2 wins
  3. Robin 1 win
  4. Bertrum no wins
Round details
  1. Gwynfor def Robin, Cormac def Bertrum
  2. Gwynfor def Bertrum, Cormac def Robin
  3. Gwynfor def Cormac, Robin def Bertrum
Marshall in Charge for the two days: Gwynfor Lwyd
Assisting Marshalls: Everard (Sat), Cormac, Nicolette
Lists: Nicolette Dufay
Herald: Gilligan of St Barts

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