Saturday, December 29, 2007

Arrowsreach Monthly Tourney

Ah December, and the last Monday Night Tourney. A Round Robin best of Three was decided on with the six combatants.

Combatants in signing in order
  1. Sir Brennan Halfhand
  2. Belissaro Lascaris
  3. Gwynfor Lwyd
  4. Everard Sefar
  5. Tobias Troubadour
  6. Thomas Brock
Round details
  1. Everard def Brennan 2-1, Thomas def Belissaro 2-1, Gwynfor def Tobias 2-1
  2. Brennan def Gwynfor 2-1, Tobias def Thomas 2-1, Everard def Belissaro 3-0
  3. Brennan def Belissaro 3-0, Everard def Tobias 3-0, Gwynfor def Thomas 3-0
  4. Brennan def Thomas 2-1, Gwynfor def Everard 3-0, Tobias def Belissaro 2-1
  5. Brennon def Tobias 2-1, Gwynfor def Belissaro 2-1, Everard def Thomas 2-1
Resulting in a Three-way ie so Round Robin between them best of Five
  • Gwynfor def Brennan 3-2
  • Everard def Gwynfor 3-2
  • Brennan def Everard 3-2
It was decided due to time restraints to call it a tie and Everard was awarded the tassel because he hadn't won one yet.

MiC: Rohan
Assisting Marshalls: Everard, Drogo (iT) and Belissaro (iT)
Lists: Nicolette
Herald: Drogo

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