Sunday, March 2, 2008

Border War X - Light Combat Tourney

Group Name: Bordescros
List Officer:
Julie de Lilburne

Date: 24/02/2008
Type of Tourney:
(eg: double elimination, round robin, prize, melee, etc) Round Robin Light

Event Steward: Elizabeth de Bohoun
Marshal in Charge: William fitz Symon
Heralds: Drogo
Royalty Present: TRM Berenger and Bethan
Number of Combatants in Tournament:
Time Taken for Tournament (in minutes):
Unsure, wasn’t watching time.

Other Notes: (please add any further details of tourney here) Marshal on field was James Douglas and Drogo.

Tournament Details
Placing Combatant Bouts Bouts Bouts
Won Lost Drawn

1 Gilligan O Parthalon 5

2 HRM Bethan 4 1

3 Gwynfor Lwyd 3 2

4 Mulue de Pachler 2 3

5 Ysambart Cortain 1 4

6 Breanna of House Woodrose 0 5

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