Monday, November 19, 2007

Arrowsreach Monthly Tourney

The format was King of the Hill 'First to Ten'
All combatants nominated to the list keeper two weapon styles they would be using during the second and third parts of the tourney.

The Tourney was held in three parts

First part, A melee in which combatants used the weapon style of their choice. The winner being Brusi of Dragonvale who was the first King of the Hill.

Second part, was a regular King of the Hill. Combatants using their first nominated weapon style and carrying wounds taken to the next bout, fighting till one combatant reached ten wins. A win point awarded to both combatants in the event of a double kill but the standing King forced out.
  1. Brusi, using Sword and Shield, won the round with 10 wins to: Everard, Everard, Tobias, Everard, William, Belesario, Tobias, Everard, Gwynfor and William.
  2. Everard Sefar, using Glave, had 3 wins to Tobias, Belesario, and Brusi
  3. William Cuymn, using Sword and Shield, had on win to Brusi
  4. Tobias Troubadour, using Sword and Cruciform, had one win to William
  5. Belesario Lasaro, using Sword and Shield, had no wins
  6. Gwynfor Lwyd, using Sword and Crusiform, arriving late, had no wins
  7. Crowbarr the Pirate, arriving late didn't make it into this round.
Third part of the Tourney combatants used their second nominated weapon style. Same point system as second part, with first King being the combatant with the least amount of points for the second part of the Tourney, Crowbarr, with Gwynfor taking him on first and Belesario fightings the winner.
  1. Gwynfor, using Sword and Shield, was first to 10 wins defeating, Crowbarr, Crowbarr, Belesario, Tobias, Belesario, William, Brusi, Everard, Tobias, Tobias
  2. Belesario, using Sword and Crusiform, had 5 wins, Gwynfor, Everard, Tobias, Gwynfor, William
  3. Everard, using Sword and Shield, had 4 wins, William, Brusi, Brusi, Crowbarr
  4. William, using Sword and Axe, had 3 wins, Tobias, Everard, Gwynfor
  5. Crowbarr, using Sword and Shield, had 3 wins, Everard, Belesario, Everard
  6. Tobias, using Sword and Shield, had 2 wins, Belesario, Crowbarr
  7. Brusi, using Glave, had 1 win to William before he had to retire due to armour failure
Tournament Standings:
  1. Brusi of Dragonvale - 11 points
  2. Gwynfor Lwyd - 10 points
  3. Everard Sefar - 7 points
  4. Belesario Lasaro - 5 points
  5. William Cuymn - 4 points
  6. Crowbarr the Pirate - 3 points
  7. Tobias Troubadour - 3 points
All combatants where expected to perform a short silly dance to honor the winner of this tourney, but I sure didn't see it, and was very disappointed, being as it was a requirement of the tourney. However, four combatants decided to give it another round, where you didn't get the point for winning the Hill, only those you won while holding the hill. (I have bolded the point wins)
  1. Gwynfor: Everard, Belesario, Crowbarr, Everard, Everard, Belesario, Crowbarr,Everard, Everard, Belesario, Everard, Crowbarr, Belesario, Everard, Belesario, Crowbarr, Everard
  2. Everard: Crowbarr, Crowbarr, Gwynfor, Gwynfor, Belesario, Belesario, Belesario, Crowbarr, Crowbarr, Belesario, Gwynfor, Crowbarr
  3. Belesario: Gwynfor, Everard, Crowbarr, Gwynfor, Crowbarr, Crowbarr, Gwynfor, Crowbarr
  4. Crowbarr: Belesario, Belesario, Everard, Gwynfor, Gwynfor, Gwynfor, Belesario
And for the statical minded:
  • Brusi - 15 bouts
  • Gwynfor Lwyd - 14 bouts, then 26
  • Everard Sefar - 16 bouts, then 23
  • Belesario Lasaro - 11 bouts, then 20
  • William Cuymn - 11 bouts
  • Crowbarr the Pirate - 7 bouts, then 19
  • Tobias Troubadour - 11 bouts

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